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The National Fire Sprinkler Association spotlights the dangers of not using sprinkler systems and the benefits of the new federal fire sprinkler tax incentive.

Two apartment building fires in Waukesha, two different outcomes.

New Fire Sprinkler Tax Incentives

You can download the Tax Incentive information here. 8.5 x 11 format and Trifold brochure.

Fire sprinklers are the single most effective way to stop fires anywhere. There are systems for large commercial buildings, high-rises, existing structures, campus housing, apartment buildings and single-family homes.

The Wisconsin Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association is here to help consumers, fire service professionals and builders to understand and benefit from fire sprinklers.

Madison apartment fire contained by fire sprinkler

CITY OF MADISON, WI (July 3, 2018) - City of Madison firefighters responded to a call at the Mills Street apartment building at 2:21 a.m., July 3, 2018 to find the fire contained by an automatic fire sprinkler. The building’s automatic alarm system indicated water flow in a fourth-floor apartment. A resident said a hand towel caught fire after coming in contact with a candle. The heat from the fire activated the sprinkler in the bathroom and extinguished the fire. Firefighters shut off the water supply to the sprinkler and assisted with cleanup efforts. Occupants were home at the time and were able to evacuate safely. Due to minimal damage resulting from the incident, residents were able to return home. Unattended candle use is a leading cause of home fires. Always blow out candles before leaving a room, and leave at least 12 inches of space between candles and other objects that could catch on fire. Source: City of Madison Fire Department Public Information Officer

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