Live Fire Sprinkler Demonstrations

Fire departments wishing to host a live, side-by-side demonstration using two 8x8x8-foot units to show how quickly a typical house fire spreads and the life-saving benefits of an automatic fire sprinkler system, please call (414) 531-9542 or fill out the Contact Us form.
For instructions on how to build and conduct your own side-by-side demonstration, please use the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s free Fire & Sprinkler Burn Demonstration Kit.

Fire Sprinkler Demo Trailer Available for Community Education

The Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer is available for community education and training classes.

Using a real fire scenario, the unit is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of automatic fire sprinklers.

Viewers can get a close-up view of a sprinkler activating either outside or inside the trailer. After the fire is started in a wastebasket, it spreads up a drape. Within seconds, the smoke activates the smoke alarm. A few seconds later, the heat activates the single sprinkler which extinguishes the fire.

Members and contractors of Sprinkler Fitters Local 183 and 669 can provide assistance with transportation and presentation.

View fire sprinkler demo trailer.

For more information or to schedule the demonstration trailer, please call:

Mike Biel
Sprinkler Fitters Local 183
(262) 252-0183

Courtesy of Gregory Havel, WI Society of Fire Service Instructors

The Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer