2018 Summer Edition

Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Appeal to Single-Family Home Developers

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) developed a new free educational resource AHJ’s can use to educate all stakeholders involved in the local planning process about developer trade-ups or incentives. These resources include case studies, with videos, downloadable presentations, statistics and economic data gathered from several communities. HFSC’s sprinkler incentive program partners the fire service with builders or developers and has great potential to deploy a local plan that will [...]


The First Home Fire Sprinkler Day a Success and Boosts Awareness in Both the U.S. and Canada

The first Home Fire Sprinkler Day held on May 19 included more than 50 fire departments in 25 states and included Canadian provinces. The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Sprinkler Initiative organized the event to raise awareness of the life-saving benefits of home fire sprinklers.  Local educational events took place in both countries, in which the two nonprofit organizations teamed up to [...]


30th Anniversary of Burn Center Golf Invitational

On Monday, August 27, the Burn Center Golf Invitational committee is hosting the Burn Center Golf Invitational at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa, marking 30 years of fundraising for the Ascension Columbia-St. Mary’s Burn Center, and the Alliance for Fire Safety (AFS) Burn Camp. Thanks to all golfers, sponsors, donors, and more, this event has raised more than $2.4 M! Through promotion of fire safety, burn prevention, and public [...]


Vision 20/20 Community Risk Assessment Symposium presented many topics in community risk assessment

This year’s Vision 20/20 Model Performance in Community Risk Reduction Symposium was held in Reston, VA, from April 9 – 11. The National Fire Sprinkler Association Wisconsin Chapter State Coordinator Marty King was among the 300+ attendees. More than 30 speakers presented on topics such as Creating a Community Risk Reduction Plan, Community Risk Reduction Beyond Smoke Alarms, Positive Impacts on Code Enforcement, Causal Chain Analysis, and Data-Driven Messaging.  According [...]


The Federal Government Now Provides a Tax Incentive to Protect Lives and Property with Fire Sprinklers

Spread the word! As fire service leaders, you know where the small businesses are that need fire safety improvements.  Previously qualified small businesses were allowed to fully expense purchases such as computers, equipment, and light-duty vehicles up to an annual cap of $500,000. Under the new law, Congress has added fire protection as an eligible expenditure under Section 179 of the tax code. Congress also increased the cap to $1M [...]


NFSAWI Educates Attendees at the Builders Home Show

The NFSA Wisconsin Chapter, part of the Wisconsin Fire Sprinkler Coalition, participated in the Beyond Green display at the Metropolitan Builders Association Home Show. The display featured a mirror image of a home—one half was the rough construction, and the other half was the final construction. The NFPA13D system was designed and installed by the Design Build Fire Protection. Members from the Wisconsin Fire Chief’s Association, the [...]


Fire Prevention – Jack of Many Trades

By Martin M. King, State Coordinator, National Fire Sprinkler Association – Wisconsin Chapter (Appeared in the June 2018 issue of The Dispatcher) As I look at my personal fire service library of about 50 manuals and standards, I ask myself, "how can one person master all these diverse topics on fire prevention?" The fire prevention code alone is a lot to review and remember, and it covers topics from combustible [...]


Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

By Martin M. King, State Coordinator, National Fire Sprinkler Association – Wisconsin Chapter (Appeared in the July 2018 issue of The Dispatcher) The recent National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) training on Understanding, Applying and Enforcing NFPA 25 examines the relationships and responsibilities of the parties that utilize this standard. The scope of the standard establishes the minimum requirements for periodic inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) for water-based fire protection systems. [...]


Time is Valuable

By Martin M. King, State Coordinator, National Fire Sprinkler Association – Wisconsin Chapter (Appeared in the August 2018 issue of The Dispatcher) We all wish we had more time. Time to fit all things into our busy schedules. Work, family, religion, leisure and hobbies are examples of all the things we must budget our time for, and we hope that something does not arise to affect our plans. Of course, [...]