2016 – Issue 3 – Fall

Preventing Fire Sprinkler System Freeze-Ups in Cold Weather Months

From the National Fire Sprinkler Association: The designers and installers of water-based fire protection systems, like automatic fire sprinkler systems, take into account seasonal variations in temperature. In cases where water-filled pipe cannot be protected from freezing, alternative methods are used. But most of the time, even in the coldest climates, the assumption is that the normal precautions taken to keep the building warm will, in turn, keep the fire [...]


Time to Review the Year’s Accomplishments

(Appeared in December 2016 issue of The Dispatcher) The end of the calendar year is generally a time to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and determine whether goals and objectives set at the end of the previous year were met. Hopefully, it is not a time of stress caused by frantic, last-minute hustling to complete the requirements and most important tasks. So, how did you do on your goals and [...]


New Study Documents Overwhelming Support of Home Fire Sprinklers by Consumers

A new study by the Fire Protection Research Foundation highlights positive opinions of home fire sprinklers by homeowners and most government officials in U.S. states required to fire sprinkler new homes. The new report, “Stakeholder Perceptions of Home Fire Sprinklers,” analyzes the opinions of three groups—government officials, homeowners, and water purveyors—following the passage of statewide requirements for home fire sprinklers. Researchers surveyed stakeholders in California and Maryland, where fire sprinklers [...]


Devastating, Off-Campus Apartment Complex Fire in Whitewater Brings Up Question of Fire Safety

When a fire tore through the off-campus, 107-unit University Garden Apartments in Whitewater last night, some residents were forced to risk injury and jump out of second-story windows. Fortunately, everyone escaped unharmed but now the entire building has been closed and the living arrangements of hundreds of residents, many of whom are University of Wisconsin - Whitewater students, are now uncertain. “This devastating result certainly would not have occurred had [...]


Educational Efforts Must Continue Beyond Fire Prevention Month in October

(Appeared in November 2016 issue of The Dispatcher) The end of October generally represents a sign of relief for most members of the fire service. With Fire Prevention Week in October, the entire month often reflects the year’s largest push for fire safety and fire prevention education and measures. Fire officials visit schools, host open houses and fire station tours, and install smoke alarms to educate the public about the [...]


Fire Sprinklers At Work (Fall/Winter 2016 Edition)

DECEMBER 2016 WAUKESHA MUNICIPAL GARAGE The fire sprinkler system at the city’s municipal garage confined a fire in a dump truck. Firefighters used a small water can to fully extinguish the fire. The remainder of the city’s snow and heavy equipment fleet was not damaged by the fire. No injuries were reported. City of Waukesha Fire Department press release OCONOMOWOC MULTIFAMILY BUILDING The fire sprinkler system in the building extinguished [...]


Why Fire Sprinklers?

(Appeared in October 2016 issue of The Dispatcher) I am often asked, “Why install fire sprinklers in buildings?” When I was the assistant chief of the fire prevention bureau, I would answer the question from business owners with, “Fire sprinklers protect property.” I had seen firsthand the effect of fire on a business – the loss of inventory, issues dealing with the insurance settlement, clean up and renovation, loss of [...]


VIDEO: Protect Your Family with Residential Fire Sprinklers

As national Fire Prevention Week (October 9 – 15) nears and fire departments prepare their public education activities for the weeklong event, a newly released video aims to educate homeowners about the dangers of fires in today’s homes as well as the benefits of home fire sprinklers. The hand-drawn whiteboard video can be found on YouTube. Home fire sprinkler protection is more important than ever to protect residents and responding [...]