2016 – Issue 2 – Summer

Is Your Fire Department Prepared?

(Appeared in September 2016 issue of The Dispatcher) It is the duty of a fire department to be prepared for the emergencies that may affect its community. As firefighters, we train on fires, vehicle extrication, EMS skills, hazardous materials response and other natural disaster responses. We review lessons learned from past incidents within the community and from other parts of the nation. We check our equipment to ensure it is [...]


Fire Sprinklers At Work (Summer 2016 Edition)

September 2016 Milwaukee Kangaroo Milwaukee The fire sprinkler system in the family-friendly entertainment facility contained an early morning fire as fire crews responded. WDJT-TV Madison Dragon I An automatic fire sprinkler system saved the downtown Asian fusion restaurant from a kitchen fire. The fire began due to what was thought to be a plastic cutting board left on top of a pot with the stove burner set on "low." The [...]


Fire Safety for Our Future: Campus Fire Safety

(Appeared in August 2016 issue of The Dispatcher) As many students and their parents prepare for the trek to college in August, it may signal the first time new students live outside their homes or the first time returning students live in off-campus housing. Before they pack, it is a good time to review fire safety practices and procedures. For the new or returning students who will live in campus [...]


Summertime: No Vacation for Fire Prevention

(Appeared in July 2016 issue of The Dispatcher) For many, summertime is a time of fun-filled weekends and vacations. It’s a time when we can relax and enjoy the warm weather. But we also must remember that fire prevention does not take vacations. We must be diligent to remind them people about the basics of fire prevention: spacing flames away from combustibles, never leaving fires unattended, and always having a [...]