October 2015

Tommy Thompson Commerce Center

Due to the quick response of a fire sprinkler system, no one was hurt in an overnight fire in the underground parking garage of the building. The sprinkler system extinguished the fire, which began when a power line shorted out in a storage room, and prevented the fire from spreading and causing major damage.

“The successful activation of the fire sprinkler system at the Tommy Thomson Commerce Center fire proves the effectiveness and value of fire sprinklers,” said Marty King, state coordinator for the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association.

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Sun Prairie
Madison Kipp Corporation

The fire sprinkler  system in the commercial building controlled a foundry furnace fire until fire crews arrived on scene.


June 2015


A single fire sprinkler activated and extinguished an apartment kitchen fire that occurred when an occupant noticed a small grease fire in an unattended pan on the stove and inadvertently caused it to grow by tossing water on it. The fire sprinkler prevented the fire from spreading to the kitchen cabinets and other parts of the apartment.

All four people who were in the apartment unit were able to safely exit the building. No injuries, to either firefighters or civilians, were reported. Damage was estimated at only $10,000.

The apartment building where this fire occurred installed a new fire alarm system in 2007 and sprinkler system in 2008. Both of these systems worked as designed and because of them, a potentially disastrous outcome was prevented.

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Fitchburg Fire Department news release

May 2015

Edgewater Hotel

The hotel’s fire sprinkler system held a fire at bay in a storage closet. The fire began when a bag of improperly stored kitchen rags began smoldering in the closet and set fire to some cardboard boxes above the bag.


November 2014

Fond du Lac
Mercury Marine

The fire sprinkler system in the marine propulsion manufacturing plant extinguished a fire in a dust collection system, preventing any structural damage or injuries. Personnel were able to go back to work in the building shortly thereafter.

“The fire suppression system worked as designed and kept the fire contained to the dust collector,”  said Fond du Lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary.

Another fire sprinkler save occurred at the plant just over one year earlier in August 2013.