November 2013

Grand Chute
Apartment Building

The fire sprinkler system in the two-story apartment building extinguished a garage fire before fire crews arrived. The damage from the fire, which began in the engine compartment of a car, did not affect the building.

Jesse Pickett, Fire Prevention Specialist,
Grand Chute Fire Department


Along with a few employees, the fire sprinkler system in the two-million-square foot printing plant quickly extinguished a fire.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s office reported that everyone made it out safely and no injuries were reported. The facility, which is Wisconsin’s largest printing plant, was able to resume its normal operations within a few hours.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Office Building

A single fire sprinkler in the basement of the multistory office building controlled a fire from a heating unit as fire crews arrived in response to the flow alarm. The fire kindled following the departure of a few tradespeople who had been working on the unit after regular business hours. Damage to contents in the area was very nominal.

Steve Patterson, Fire Protection Engineer,
City of Appleton

October 2013


The fire sprinkler system in the restaurant held a storage room fire at bay until fire crews arrived. The fire was believed to have started in a bin of dirty uniforms. Damage was estimated at only $15,000.

Appleton Post-Crescent

September 2013

Lake Geneva
Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub

The fire sprinklers in the protected area of the restaurant activated in response to a kitchen fire and operated as designed according to fire officials.

Lake Geneva Fire Department

Emerson Hall Apartments

The fire sprinkler system in the apartment building contained a fire in a fourth-floor unit and kept it from spreading to other units. No injuries were reported from the fire.

Beloit Daily News

Chippewa Falls
TTM Technologies

As fire crews arrived, the fire sprinkler system in the printed circuit board manufacturer’s building extinguished the majority of a fire which had likely been caused by a mechanical failure.

Approximately 100 employees were present at the time of the fire and were able to safely escape. Damage was limited to  approximately $30,000.


August 2013

Brown Deer
Apartment Building

Fire sprinklers succeeded in extinguishing a fire in a single unit of the apartment building — after a failed attempt by the resident’s daughter to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher. The fire began when the resident fell asleep while cooking on a stove top. When she awoke due to the smoke alarm, her daughter unsuccessfully tried to extinguish the fire, so the two evacuated. No injuries were reported.


McMynn Tower Apartments

A 10-story apartment building’s fire sprinkler system contained an intentionally set fire to the seventh-floor bathroom where it began.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Fond du Lac
Mercury Marine

The fire sprinkler system at the marine propulsion manufacturing plant put out a fire in an oven by the paint line before fire crews even arrived, limiting damage to that area. The fire was blamed on materials in the painting process and the machinery involved.


Apartment Building

A single fire sprinkler extinguished a fire on the first floor of a downtown Madison apartment building, keeping smoke to a minimum and preventing major damage to the nine-unit building. Only $10,000 in damages were reported. No injuries were reported.

Wisconsin State Journal

July 2013

Harbor House

The fire sprinkler system in the women and children’s shelter contained a fire in a third-floor bedroom until firefighters arrived on the scene. The fire was caused by a child playing with a lighter. The bedroom was the only room affected by fire damage.

Appleton Post-Crescent

Eau Claire
Best Western

Three fire sprinklers held down a fire in the kitchen area of the hotel’s banquet facility. The responding firefighters only used about one gallon of water to finish extinguishing the fire.

Michael Laska, Fire Inspector,
Eau Claire Fire Department

June 2013

Coventry Village Retirement Community

One fire sprinkler extinguished a fire in a third-floor unit of the West Side retirement home. Residents were safely evacuated and no one was injured. The building was ventilated and residents were allowed back into the building. Damage was limited to $35,000.

Fire department spokeswoman Berandette Galvez said the fire sprinkler kept the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. “This is an excellent example of how sprinklers can react quickly to save lives and reduce property damage,” she said.

City of Madison news release

February 2013

Eau Claire
Cascades Tissue Group

The fire sprinkler system in the baled paper warehouse kept a forklift fire from spreading.

Gary Puljas, Fire Inspector,
Eau Claire Fire Department