fire sprinklerMay 2016


The fire sprinkler system in the building prevented a fire in a fifth-floor hallway from spreading, allowing residents to escape unharmed and limiting fire damage to only $25,000. All residents were able to return to the building.

Last June, a fire sprinkler save occurred on the exact same floor of the building.

City of Madison Fire Department news release

Radisson Hotel

A single fire sprinkler extinguished a fire caused by the spontaneous ignition of greasy kitchen towels in the hotel’s first-floor laundry room. Once the building was ventilated, guest were allowed to return to their rooms.

There was minimal smoke damage, estimated at only $1,000, and no structural damage to the hotel.

Ed Ruckriegel, Fire Marshal,
City of Madison Fire Department

Century City Lofts

A single fire sprinkler saved a third-floor apartment unit from a fire.

Scott Beres, President,
Design Build Fire Protection

April 2016

Fond du Lac
Mercury Marine

For the third time in three years, the fire sprinkler system at the marine propulsion manufacturer’s building saved the day. The fire sprinkler system kept a dust collector fire in check until fire crews arrived, limiting damage and preventing injuries.

In November 2014, the fire sprinkler system extinguished a fire in the dust collector, and, in August 2013, fire sprinklers extinguished a fire in an oven by the paint line.

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Marine Technology

A sprinkler system in the multi-tenant warehouse building prevented an early morning machine fire from spreading to the fiberglass material in the warehouse as well as other tenant spaces. No one was in the building at the time, so the fire department was alerted by the flow alarm on the sprinkler system.

“This could’ve been far worse. This is a great example of how sprinkler systems help when someone isn’t there to see or smell a fire,” said Ashwaubenon Public Safety Chief Eric Dunning. “It reduces the chance of major damage.”

“The sprinkler system kept things to a minimum, where if the building wasn’t sprinklered it would’ve for sure spread into other contents and we wouldn’t have been alerted until it was coming through the building.”



The residential fire sprinkler system in the building controlled a clothes dryer fire, preventing it from spreading, while the smoke alarm warned the occupants. Fire damage was limited to the clothes dryer.

According to the fire department statement, “This fire was an excellent example of the benefit of residential sprinklers. The fire was confined and controlled in its beginning stage and everyone safely exited the building.”

Appleton Fire Department post on Facebook

Epiphany-Rose Office Building

Fire sprinklers contained controlled the spread of an attic fire that began on the side of the office building where Kerber-Rose Certified Public Accounts is located. The sprinkler system prevented the fire from spreading to the Epiphany Law Office next door in the building. No injuries were reported.

“The initial call that we received was an activated sprinkler system. So that tells us that the sprinkler system was doing its job. It was holding the fire intact until we could get here,” said said Appleton Deputy Chief Eugene Reece.


La Chimenea

Prior to firefighters arriving on the scene, the fire sprinkler system in the Mexican restaurant extinguished a small stove fire.

Since there was minimal damage, the manager hoped to reopen later that afternoon.

Germantown Now

March 2016

Park Place Tech

Two sprinklers contained a fire in some storage racks. An adjacent rack was mostly undamaged. There was some minor smoke and water damage, but most of the building was unaffected and there were no injuries.

Mike Luedke, President,
FP Solutions

Rice Lake
Our House Senior Living

The fire sprinkler system in the senior living facility kept an exterior fire from spreading inside the building until fire crews arrived for full suppression. Sixteen residents were safely evacuated by care workers and no one was injured.

Chetek Alert

February 2016

Apartment Building
St. Francis

On Valentine’s Day, the 36-unit apartment building’s fire sprinkler system controlled a fire on a third-floor balcony and prevented it from spreading to other apartment units.

The building was evacuated for a short time but soon after residents were allowed back into their apartments. No injuries were reported.

The apartment building had fire sprinklers installed when it had to be rebuilt due to a large-loss balcony fire that spread to the attic three years prior.

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St. Francis Fire Department news release

Eau Claire
Cascades Tissue Group

The building’s fire sprinkler system controlled an early morning machine fire.

The same facility had a sprinkler save for a forklift fire in February 2013.


January 2016

Dave & Busters

For the second time in one week, fire sprinklers prevented costly damage to a business in Wauwatosa. A single fire sprinkler contained a commercial dryer fire and limited smoke damage in the kitchen at Dave & Busters. The business was able to reopen by lunch without significant revenue loss.

The sprinkler save follows another save at Jersey Mike’s in Wauwatosa.

City of Wauwatosa Fire Department news release

Jersey Mike’s

The fire sprinkler system in the sub sandwich shop controlled a gas water heater fire, preventing the spread of the fire and potential damage to two neighboring businesses the same building. The occupants of the sub sandwich shop and the other businesses were able to safely escape.

Had fire sprinklers not been present, fire officials believed that all three business would have had to close for a significant amount of time. Instead, thanks to the sprinkler system, the neighboring businesses were expected to reopen within hours.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

December 2015

La Crosse
Badger Corrugating

The fire sprinkler system in the building controlled a fire and prevented any injuries.


November 2015

Stevens Point
Worzalla Publishing

The fire sprinkler system at the publishing company contained an early morning fire until firefighters arrived. The fire began when a motor failure caused a piece of equipment to overheat and started paper on fire. No one was injured and damage was minor. The workplace continued to operate after the fire was fully extinguished.

Stevens Point Journal