fire sprinklerMarch 2017

Slumberland Furniture

The fire sprinkler system activated and contained a fire in the clearance storage area of the furniture store to a 30-by-30-foot area. Firefighters only took two minutes to extinguish the remaining fire. The preliminary determination was that an electrical fault may have been the cause.

Ed Ruckriegel, Fire Marshal,
City of Madison Fire Department

Lincoln School Apartments

Two fire sprinklers contained a fire that occurred when a magazine fell from a resident’s recliner and ignited on a lit candle, which sat on a metal tray on the floor next to her. The fire from the magazine ignited the chair, but the resident was able to safely escape. There was only $10,000 in damage estimated.


February 2017

HFI Fluid Power Products

The fire sprinkler system in the commercial building put out a second-floor fire that originated in some pallets containing folded cardboard. There was only $3,000 in damage and no injuries were reported.

The Journal Times

Wisconsin Dells
Stepping Stone Apartments

A fire that started outside the main building of the supportive housing apartment complex, was controlled and extinguished by the outdoor portion of the building’s fire sprinkler system, which prevented the fire from reaching inside the building.
“By the time we got there the sprinkler system had knocked it down pretty well,” said Kilbourn Assistant Fire Chief Pat Gavinski.
“The sprinkler did what it’s supposed to do,” said Wisconsin Dells Fire Inspector Jerry Wolfram. “It would have been a much bigger fire had the sprinkler not been there.”

Gavinski confirmed that all of the apartment units include indoor and outdoor sprinklers for just this sort of situation.

Wisconsin Dells Events

January 2017

Sun Prairie
Continental ContiTech – Veyance Technologies

A single fire sprinkler prevented a fire from spreading inside the manufacturing facility’s ventilation system until fire crews arrived for full extinguishment. No injuries were reported.

The Star


The paper mill’s fire sprinkler system controlled a small electrical fire caused by a backup boiler. There was only minor damage and no injuries were reported. A few hours later, the mill was operational again.


Union Square Apartments

The apartment building’s fire sprinkler system put out an early morning fire before firefighters arrived. No injuries were reported. Residents returned to the building after firefighters gave the go-ahead.


Normandy Apartments

The automatic fire sprinkler system in the parking garage of the apartment building activated quickly and extinguished a dumpster fire.

No injuries were reported and no residents were displaced from their apartments.

Daily report from City of Madison Fire Department