fire sprinklerJune 2015

Eau Claire
Huebsch Linen Services

A fire that occurred in some uniforms and rags at the uniform company’s building was kept small by the fire sprinkler system until fire crews arrived on scene. Damage was estimated at only $20,000.



The building’s fire sprinkler system helped prevent major damage from a fire that started on the fifth floor of the building. Everyone evacuated safely and no one was harmed. Damage was estimated at only $5,000 to $10,000.


May 2015

Multifamily Residence

The fire sprinkler system in the residence extinguished a fire caused by a pan of grease on a stovetop. Damage was limited to only $12,000.

Ed Ruckriegel, Fire Marshal,
City of Madison Fire Department

April 2015

Osh Kosh
Strip Mall Business

A single fire sprinkler controlled a fire caused by yogurt machine malfunction. There was minor fire damage to the machine and the wall behind it.

Brian Bending, Battalion Chief – Fire Prevention Bureau,
Osh Kosh Fire Department

February 2015


A cooking oil fire occurred in a third-floor apartment but quickly was put out by a fire sprinkler in the kitchen. All seventeen people in the apartment building were safe.


Osh Kosh

While unpacking camping supplies, a tenant in the five-story apartment building accidentally spilled fuel for a camping lantern. While cleaning up the fuel, the tenant lit a candle to eliminate the odor in the apartment unit. The residual fumes on her hands and the cleaning rag ignited, resulting in a small fire, but was quickly extinguished by a single fire sprinkler.

Brian Bending, Battalion Chief – Fire Prevention Bureau,
Osh Kosh Fire Department

January 2015

Tabor Oaks Assisted Living

A fire in a second-floor apartment of the assisted living facility was contained by the fire sprinkler system. The fire was caused by an electrical fault in a bedside table lamp.

Damage to the property was limited to only $10,000. Everyone was safely evacuated and no one was injured. Most residents were able to return to their apartments following the departure of firefighters.


Bamboo House

On the night of New Year’s Day, an electrical fire in the restaurant’s kitchen was quickly controlled by the building’s fire sprinkler system until fire crews arrived for final extinguishment.

According to Plover Fire Chief Mark Deaver, the fire sprinkler system saved everything and prevented any injuries. The building did not suffer any structural damage.

Stevens Point Journal

October 2014

Lake Geneva
The Cove of Lake Geneva

A fire in the pool-area sauna of the resort was doused by the building’s fire sprinkler system. There were no injuries.

“Fortunately, the fire sprinkler functioned exactly at it was designed to, which prevented a much more serious fire from causing extensive damage,” said Lake Geneva Deputy Fire Chief Dan Derrick.

Lake Geneva News

Eau Claire
Metal Refinishing Company

Two fire sprinklers extinguished a fire that had started on a large filter system located at the rear of a paint booth. One sprinkler in the booth and a second sprinkler in the exhaust duct system put out the fire and kept the fire damage contained to the booth. The business was able to clean up the water and operate the next day utilizing another paint booth.

Mike Laska, Fire Inspector,
Eau Claire Fire Department

Oak Creek
Owens Industries

A single fire sprinkler controlled a fire that appeared to have originated in a CNC machine.

Tom Rosandich, Fire Chief,
Oak Creek Fire Department

September 2014


The fire sprinkler system in a warehouse, which houses several paper products businesses, activated and kept a fire in paper bales from spreading. No one was hurt and damage to the building was minimal.


August 2014

Seester’s Mexican Cantina

The fire sprinkler system in the restaurant extinguished an electrical fire.

“The sprinkler system worked beautifully,” said Jim Siepmann, president of Siepmann Realty, which owns the building where the restaurant and other buildings are located.

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