fire sprinklerSeptember 2016

Kangaroo Milwaukee

The fire sprinkler system in the family-friendly entertainment facility contained an early morning fire as fire crews responded.


Dragon I

An automatic fire sprinkler system saved the downtown Asian fusion restaurant from a kitchen fire. The fire began due to what was thought to be a plastic cutting board left on top of a pot with the stove burner set on “low.” The fire sprinkler system contained the fire damage until fire crews arrived on the scene.

City of Madison Fire Department news release

Industrial Building

A single fire sprinkler extinguished a fire caused by spontaneous combustion from stain and thinner rags thrown into a plastic 55-gallon garbage can. The garbage can had multiple aerosol cans in it, some of which exploded and caused an additional small fire 12 feet away from the garbage can, but it was extinguished as well.

There was minimal smoke damage, no structural damage, and the owner estimated only $500 in losses.

Chuck Ruetten, Fire Marshal,
Jackson Fire Department

August 2016

Eau Claire
Presto Absorbent Products

Four fire sprinklers in the manufacturing facility controlled a fire in a large disposable diaper machine and kept the fire from spreading. Prior to the sprinkler activation, employees tried to use fire extinguishers but the fire became too intense and they exited the facility.

The machine will need to be replaced but there was no structural damage to the facility or other machines. No one was injured and operations resumed the very next day.

Gary A. Puljas, Fire Inspector,
Eau Claire Fire Department


The fire sprinkler system in the apartment building contained a lower-unit fire to its immediate area until fire crews arrived. The fire was thought to be caused by an electrical problem. All residents safely escaped and there was no damage to other parts of the building.


July 2016


The fire sprinkler system in the apartment building extinguished a bedroom fire that began when a candle ignited nearby clothing and spread to window coverings. The residents left the apartment to get something to eat, but didn’t extinguish the candle. Damage was minimal and no injuries were reported.

City of Madison Fire Department news release

June 2016


When a tenant threw water on a stovetop pan fire, it grew larger, but the fire sprinkler system in the apartment unit activated and fully extinguished the fire.

City of Madison Fire Department news release

May 2016

University of Wisconsin-Parkside Student Center

Two sprinklers controlled a fire in the kitchen.

Steve Sferra
United States Alliance Fire Protection

Manufacturing Plant

The fire sprinkler system in the manufacturing plant controlled a fire, which occurred during the process of testing lithium batteries for cordless hand tools, after an employee unsuccessfully used a fire extinguisher.

Glenn Carriveau, Fire Inspector,
City of Brookfield Fire Department