July 2017


Dumpster Fire East-Side Complex Garage

Firefighters responded to 1606 Fordem Avenue to investigate an alarm activation. Residents were standing outside as Engine 3’s crew separated to check all three floors and the garage.

A slight haze of smoke was found inside a garbage store room, and a sprinkler  had been activated. A dumpster was flooded with water with evidence that its contents had burned.

Three other dumpsters in the room did not appear to be affected.

Firefighters shut down the sprinkler and reset the fire alarm. There was no evidence to suggest this was a suspicious or intentionally-set fire.

June 2017

Dycora Transitional Health & Living

The fire sprinkler system in the 122-bed facility saved residents from a potentially devastating fire. The fire sprinkler system extinguished the fire and prevented it from spreading beyond the room of origin.

Fire Chief Greg Michalek said the situation could have been much worse since all 20 patients in the affected wing have mobility issues.

This was the second time this month that a fire sprinkler saved a Dycora Transitional Health & Living facility. The prior occurrence was in the company’s facility in Glendale.

Watertown Daily Times

Dycora Transitional Health & Living

The fire sprinkler system contained a fire to one room on the second floor of the facility until fire crew arrived for full extinguishment. Staff and all 16 patients in the affected wing of the building were safely evacuated.

Additional injuries to occupants and damage to the facility was clearly prevented by the quick activation of the fire alarm and fire sprinkler system, fire officials said.

Fox Point Patch

May 2017

Wire Works Apartments

The fire sprinkler system in the 25-unit apartment complex extinguished a fire that began when a heat lamp fell and ignited some boxes in one of the apartment units. The woman and child in the apartment were able to safely escape.


April 2017

Lucky Apartments (High-Rise)

A single fire sprinkler in the off-campus residential high-rise for students extinguished an unattended cooking fire in a sixth-floor unit. The fire began when the resident of the unit had stepped out of the apartment building for approximately 20 minutes, leaving food cooking in a few pans on the stovetop burners. No one was injured.

Wisconsin State Journal

Rice Lake
Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies

The building’s fire sprinkler system helped control a fire that was caused by an explosion in a chemical vault where there were products that contained acetone and resin. No one was injured.

New Richmond News

March 2017

Apartment Building

The fire sprinkler system in a a third-floor apartment unit extinguished a stovetop fire. The resident walked away from oil heating in a covered pot and returned to find flames coming out from under the lid. He removed the lid, which caused the fire to shoot to the ceiling and activate the fire sprinkler system.

Wisconsin State Journal