The WI Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association (WI-NFSA) received delivery of the new mobile side-by-side trailer this past August. It arrived just in time for demonstrations in the Green Bay area.

The De Pere Fire Department offered to house the trailer. In addition, WI-NFSA received grant requests from various fire departments to cover the costs of side-by-side demonstrations at their fall open houses.

This year, supplemental grants were given to the Waupun Fire Department, the Allenton Fire Department, and the Sun Prairie Fire and Rescue. These departments had received a grant to build the side-by-side demo unit in 2015 or 2016. As part of the grant, the departments needed to keep the demo units for at least one year, provide at least two demonstrations, and make them available to neighboring fire departments.

The grant provides for the construction materials for the side-by-side, as well as materials needed for the demonstration (smoke alarms, carpeting, curtains, wastebaskets, etc.). The value of the side-by-side demo materials donated is about $1,000. The supplemental grants are to provide materials needed for the second, or additional, side-by-sides. These materials are generally replacement consumables (drywall, curtains, etc.) and are valued at about $250.

The De Pere Fire Department received grants totaling over $2,000 for materials related to six side-by-side burns utilizing the new mobile side by side trailer in the Green Bay area.

Meanwhile, the fire sprinkler trailer was busy this year with 10 events. Going into the winter months, the trailer will go through an upgrade. The exterior will be wrapped with a new fire safety message. The interior will now feature materials to help with industry information (jobs in the fire sprinkler industry, fire timeline, hands-on fire sprinkler prop, and other fire safety messages).

The following fire departments held trailer demonstrations this year:

  • Big Bend Fire Department
  • Family Health Night in Franklin
  • New Berlin Safety Days
  • Franklin Safety Days
  • Watertown Lights & Sirens
  • Brookfield Night Out
  • Grafton Fire Department

The new side-by-side demo trailer educated more than 120 people at two events held by the De Pere Fire Rescue—the area’s chiefs’ meeting and the Howard Fire/Rescue first-ever Community Safety Day.

Stay tuned for more information about updates to the trailer and the schedule for 2018.