From the National Fire Sprinkler Association:

The new code development cycle is in full swing. This is a call-to-action to become an International Code Council (ICC) member by March of 2016. The specific deadline in March has not been posted by ICC yet, but do not delay because this is the key fire sprinkler code development cycle for the International Residential Code (IRC), International Fire Code (IFC), and the fire protection chapter in the International Building Code (IBC).

National Fire Sprinkler Association Professional, Supplier and Manufacturer members may select any category of ICC membership that is appropriate as all are eligible to vote in the online assembly floor motion voting that will occur from May 11-24. NFSA Subscriber members are also eligible to vote in May, but may also vote in the November online governmental consensus vote if they are governmental members and validated by August 31, 2016. More on this later…the most important part is to become an ICC member now!

Memberships after March 2016 will not be eligible to vote the remainder of this cycle. For more information, please email NFSA Manager of Codes, Jeffrey M. Hugo.