APPLETON, WI- (February 25, 2019) – The activation of a single fire sprinkler extinguished a fire on a stove cook-top at an Appleton child day care on Monday, February 25th at approximately 11:43 a.m. Damage was limited to some cardboard boxes on the top of the stove cook-top. All staff and the sixty-five (65) children present were able to safely evacuate.

The Appleton Fire Department was dispatched to Appleton KinderCare, of a fire reported in the kitchen. The fire was called in by a staff member and later confirmed by a fire alarm reported to the Outagamie County Dispatch Center from the monitoring company for the structure.

Upon arrival of the first Appleton Fire Department unit, it was noted that no smoke nor fire were visible. Upon entering the structure, the crew encountered light smoke in the hallway of the main entrance. The crew was met by a staff member who directed the crew to the kitchen area of the structure. The crew found a single, activated fire sprinkler above a stove cook-top. Upon investigation, it was noted that the sprinkler had completely extinguished a fire, consisting of some cardboard boxes, on the top of the stove cook-top. The crew then gained access to the sprinkler room and shut down the sprinkler. The crew confirmed that all children and the staff were accounted for.

The crew was informed that an individual had been working in the kitchen prior to the fire. A shipment of food had arrived and the individual was putting away the items. The individual stated that they had placed some of the empty boxes on the top of the stove cook-top in which a burner may had been inadvertently left in the “on” position.

Because of the activation of a single sprinkler, the fire damage was limited to the boxes on the top of the stove cook-top. Fire crews assisted in the removal of smoke and the clean-up of the water from the sprinkler system.

This incident represents the second sprinkler “save” of a building in Appleton in the past two months. The Appleton Fire Department strongly recommends all commercial and residential structures to consider the installation and continual maintenance of a sprinkler system. This incident is a perfect example of how effective sprinklers are and how they protect lives and property.

Source: Appleton Fire Department