GREEN BAY, WI, (February 18, 2018) – Green Bay Metro Fire Department crews responded to a fire at an 80-unit apartment building at 2809 University Avenue. Upon arrival, firefighters found a single sprinkler activated and extinguished a fire inside a closest in a second floor unit. The fire was the result of careless use of smoking materials. The tenant was not home at the time, but two pet cats were inside the apartment and unharmed due to the early activation of the sprinkler.

According to Captain Joe Gabe, Green Bay Metro Fire Marshal’s Office, all residents were able to return to their apartments within 45 minutes after the initial alarm. The Green Bay Metro Fire Marshal Division worked with the sprinkler contractor to reset the sprinkler within two hours. The tenant and two cats were temporarily displaced across the hall until the carpet and flooring were repaired. Gabe said that the tenant did not have renters insurance. Thanks to the sprinkler system, the tenant experienced minor loss including clothing in the closest.

This was the second fire and fire sprinkler save in this five-year old building.