APPLETON, WI (December 23, 2018) – The Appleton Fire Department added a third red bulb to the wreath as a result of an overnight fire for the 2018 Keep the Wreath Green Campaign.

On Saturday, December 22, 2018 at approximately 1:27 am, Appleton Fire Department units were dispatched to 2420 E. Peter St. for a report of a fire in an apartment building. Additional information upon dispatch was that the building was being evacuated. While units were responding dispatch indicated that the fire was out.

Upon arrival, fire crews found smoke throughout the apartment and it was confirmed that the residents had evacuated. It was also confirmed that the fire was extinguished by a sprinkler in a bathroom. Crews checked for fire extension in the structure and also conducted ventilation. The fire investigation determined that the fire started in a garbage can in the bathroom and improper disposal of smoking materials was a factor in the fire. No one was injured at the fire. Two adults and three children were assisted by the American Red Cross as they were displaced from their apartment unit. All other tenants in the building were able to return to their apartments. Initial estimates are that the fire damage was approximately $10,000.

The activation of the automatic fire sprinkler system undoubtedly saved the building from additional fire damage. The sprinkler system extinguished the fire. The Appleton Fire Department recommends all buildings, including single family residential homes to consider installation of automatic fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers have proven to save property and lives.The Appleton Fire Department would like to remind all people to use caution when disposing of smoking materials.

Source: Appleton Fire Department