This year’s Vision 20/20 Model Performance in Community Risk Reduction Symposium was held in Reston, VA, from April 9 – 11. The National Fire Sprinkler Association Wisconsin Chapter State Coordinator Marty King was among the 300+ attendees. More than 30 speakers presented on topics such as Creating a Community Risk Reduction Plan, Community Risk Reduction Beyond Smoke Alarms, Positive Impacts on Code Enforcement, Causal Chain Analysis, and Data-Driven Messaging. 

According to Jim Crawford, Vision 20/20 project manager, the mission of the symposium is about documenting efforts to demonstrate that effective CRR programs produce measurable results. They reduce risks. They improve outcomes. They make our communities demonstrably safer. We have evidence to support those claims. 

Both NFSA and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition staffed booths to discuss the important role fire sprinklers play in CRR. The symposium is held every two years for experts in the field from across the country.